Run Your Car on Water – 10 Things You Must Get!

You want to assemble your conversion kit yourself, to run your car on water and extend your mileage and save those pennies! The following are the hardware tools you will need to complete your conversion.

Also known as a “Hydrogen Generator”. This has spiral electrodes which emit more HH0 and require less energy from the battery.

This device electronically reduces fuel consumption but does not interfere with your computer or engine. To maximize fuel economy, this is a must.

This cools your engine down while adding water vapor which will improve your fuel economy and combustion.

This will improve your gas economy by pre-heating your gasoline through the heat emitted from the radiator, thus FREE heat that otherwise gets wasted. This requires no changes to your radiators hoses.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation saves gas and protects your engine.

This is connected to your 12 volts

This will split the vacuum line in 2 for delivering oxygen and hydrogen into the engine

Three and a half feet in length. One which will connect to the air filter and the other to the intake manifold.

Some cable straps for the fuel heater, 8 bungee cord cable straps for the electrolyzer, flex tubing for the wiring harness and some vinyl tubing.

In this case baking soda is used to water into HH0.

Now you have everything you need to successfully follow your instructions to convert your car to run on water.

Hope this helps!