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Now that you have a substantial amount of equity in your property from which you may want to borrow some additional funds, maybe you want to (finally) tackle that renovation. Or you have a child headed off to college or university. You may have heard about second mortgages but aren`t sure how they work.
A foreclosure never benefits you, the homeowner. But when faced with that hard choice, you can sell your home to come out well. Here are our five tips for selling a home before foreclosure.
O`Neil McLean took out a second mortgage but fell behind on the payments. He took the lenders to court when they tried to sell his condo but his contract meant he had to foot their legal bill.
Power of sale and foreclosure stopped in Toronto – with help and advice couple is now debt-free
Toronto power of sale and eviction stopped, homeowner`s mortgage is now paid by rental income
Many people across Ontario go to their local bank for a mortgage and are refused because they have bad or poor credit....
How a Second Mortgage Can Stop Your Foreclosure
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